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Dr. Rob Lamberts

My story...

Fresh out of residency, I came to Augusta in 1994 and joined Steve Letchford in my first practice. We formed Evans Medical Group, Steve left for Africa, I hired a bunch of other doctors and advance care providers, and our practice was a success.

But by 2012, things started to unravel. The business was going fine, but I was burning out. I was spending more and more time at work and less time giving care to my patients. I knew I needed to change something, and a mutual parting of ways with EMG allowed me to start fresh.

I learned about direct primary care from a colleague. It seemed perfect for what I wanted to do (even though it had never been done in the local area), so in February of 2013, along with my long-time nurse Jamie, I opened up one of the first direct primary care practices in Georgia: Dr. Rob Lamberts, LLC.

The road wasn’t totally smooth, but eventually we built a solid business and were filled with happy patients. Then, out of the blue, Ed and Davis contacted me, expressing interest in starting their own direct care practices. I was thrilled to have co-laborers in the journey, and they turned out to be hard workers, good providers, and good friends. So now we have joined forces to make Welcome Health, and I am excited about the future.

I grew up in Rochester, NY, the 5th out of 6 children. I attended Houghton College, and then went to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. I decided on a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

I’m board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics.

My hobbies include music (I play guitar, mandolin, piano, cello, and I sing), outdoor activities (kayaking, bicycling, hiking), and being social with my friends.

* Please be aware that since Dr. Rob has done this for 10 years (old guy), his new patient availability is limited. There is presently a 3 month wait to see him as a new patient. This is to keep the practice from getting too big, to encourage the growth of the other providers’ practices, and to keep spots available in his daily schedule for his current patients.