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Our Frequently Asked Questions

No. Doing so will raise the cost of care and makes things far more complicated for everyone involved. Primary care is, at its root, not expensive. Health insurance involvement doesn’t reduce the cost of primary care, it raises it.

No. We do not charge for office visits, and so there are no claims that could be submitted.

While we are able to bill insurance for the cost of lab tests, our cash-pay prices are often 80-90% cheaper than the insurance price, which means that our patients usually pay our predictable low price instead of chancing non-coverage by insurance. As an example, a comprehensive metabolic profile, a complete blood count, a lipid profile, and a hemoglobin A1c together cost under $15 in our practice, while the lab will charge insurance over $200 for these tests.

We use a company called VaxCare for our vaccinations, allowing us to either offer a discounted price for vaccines, or bill them (through VaxCare) to a person’s insurance. This means we can give most of the available vaccines in our offices.

This is one of the best things we can do for patients. We are able to get over 100 generic medications at wholesale prices. Instead of marking them up, we keep the cost low to give a huge savings to our patients. Because of this, we can offer many blood pressure, antidepressant, cholesterol, and diabetes medications for under $3 per month.

Welcome Health is focused on offering primary care at an affordable, predictable cost. We do not cover the cost of care outside of our offices. However, good primary care can reduce the need for emergency care, specialty care, and hospitalizations. We also have much experience at finding reduced cost care for those with no (or poor) health insurance, and will do what we can to find that for our patients. We also have resources for individuals and business to find more affordable solutions for coverage for that care.

No, we do not do inpatient hospital care. But we do encourage any patients in the hospital (or the ER) to text message us with any questions or problems. We feel it’s important to bridge the gap between hospital and outpatient care (something that is a huge problem in the US).

Have More Questions?

Contact us any time and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. We are completely transparent!