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We are open to businesses of all sizes, offering primary care services and working to help find affordable insurance solutions to take advantage of the Direct Primary Care savings and quality. Please contact us for current pricing.

If you are interested in finding out more and/or getting signed up with our providers, please fill out our business form below and a representative of Welcome Health will reach out shortly to discuss your needs further.

The Insurance Problem

As stated on the Direct Care page, while we do not accept money from insurance companies, we do feel that insurance is important for all people to have. The problem is, insurance is becoming more and more expensive and covering less and less. This problem is felt especially strongly by businesses that desire to take care of their employees by paying for health insurance. The companies are caught between the desire to control an ever-increasing line-item in their overhead and the desire to care for their employees.

The problem is, while insurance allows a person to get procedures, hospitalizations, and expensive medications without risking financial ruin, the current approach to insurance does nothing to control the upward spiral of healthcare cost. In fact, recent laws meant to improve the system have made things worse, raising the cost while doing nothing to ensure good quality. Businesses turn to “experts” in the field (third-party administrators, or TPA’s) to help them get the best plans for their employees, but they are often pitched plans that profit the TPA, not the business or employees.

To truly understand just how badly things are messed up in our system, we strongly recommend The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream, by Dave Chase. This book gives an inside view of the huge problems with insurance companies, TPA’s, wellness plans, and the entire business of corporate medicine. It is an incredible eye-opener to read this.

There is Hope

But there is hope. There is a growing movement (as outlined in the book) to take away financial incentives to spend money and reward high quality, low cost care. At the forefront of this movement is the Health Rosetta, an organization of insurance administrators who find ways to get high-quality, low cost care to employers. Their main focus is on bigger businesses (over 100 employees), but many of these solutions work for smaller businesses. The comprehensive approach is to build a self funded insurance plan where the employer has control of spending and benefits from savings. This type of insurance, when paired with value-based primary care (Direct Care) is able to save huge amounts on insurance while offering better care, resulting in healthier, happier employees and a better bottom line for the company. This sounds like a dream, but it is a growing reality for businesses across the US.

For smaller companies, products like Sedera Health, a “health share” that is not tied to a specific religious belief, is a possible option. There are other options. If you are interested in finding out what is available in the Augusta area, contact us and we’ll start the discussion.