Are you medically homeless?  Do you feel abandoned by the people who should give you care? Do you feel like healthcare is all about money and not about care? Then…

Welcome Home

Are you medically homeless?  Do you feel abandoned by the people who should give you care?
Do you feel like healthcare is all about money and not about care? Then…

Welcome Home

Individuals / Families

We offer high-quality primary care medicine in a way that is affordable and accessible whether or not a person has insurance. The unique payment structure allows us to spend more time with people but not focus on having a full office schedule.


It’s hard to run a small business (we know because we are a small business!). Lately it’s gotten more difficult to find and keep high-quality employees. We offer solutions to businesses that want to give healthcare benefits to employees in a predictable way that won’t break the bank.

Welcome Health is...

Direct Primary Care Medicine

For Individuals & Families Looking For A Better Healthcare Option

Two things make Direct Primary Care (DPC) very different:

  1. The patient (or the employer) pays the DPC practice directly. Insurance companies are not involved.
  2. The payment is done as a monthly payment, instead of paying for office visits.

These changes allow us to:

  • Keep cost predictable and low
  • Give care without requiring office visits
  • Allow patients to text message our staff and providers
  • Offer longer office visits (most are 30 minutes)
  • Eliminate wait times (we don’t need a waiting room!)
  • Have same-day appointments available on most days.

Our patients are delighted with the care we can give. Click here to learn more about direct primary care and why it’s so much better!

For Businesses Looking To Provide Superior, More Affordable Healthcare For Your Employees

We at Welcome Health want to partner with you and your business to not only save you money, but also to improve the health and morale of your staff.  Doing this can not only keep them at work, it makes it easier for you to retain your employees. We can also work with a local insurance advisor to try to find complementary plans to direct care to meet catastrophic care needs. Paired with direct primary care, this is an effective and affordable way to do what’s best for your business and your employees.

Your Primary Care Provider In Augusta, GA.

Welcome Health is your trusted primary care provider in Augusta, GA. Our mission is simple: to provide comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare that is accessible and affordable. Our direct primary care practice believes everyone deserves high-quality medical care.

At Welcome Health, we specialize in direct primary care services, a revolutionary approach to healthcare that puts you, the patient, at the center of everything we do. With direct pay primary care, you can access healthcare services directly without the complexities of traditional insurance. You get more time with your physician and a personalized approach to your healthcare needs.

As your dedicated healthcare provider, we offer various services that cover your primary care needs, from preventive care to chronic disease management. Our primary care physician is here to listen, diagnose, and guide you on your health journey.

By choosing Welcome Health, you’re selecting a healthcare partner who values your well-being above all else. We pride ourselves on offering direct care provider services in Augusta, GA, offering direct pay primary care services that are convenient, transparent, and tailored to you.

Contact us today at 706-504-9321 to learn more about our patient-centered solution.

About Welcome Health

Welcome Health grew out of the practice started by Dr. Rob Lamberts in the beginning 2013. Frustrated with how normal primary care gives little attention to the needs of the patient, he left his old practice and became one of the pioneers of Direct Primary Care. His patients were delighted with the change and his practice grew. This success caught the attention of Davis Mellick and Ed Boland who were also exhausted by the usual business of healthcare. They saw this as a chance to escape the hamster wheel of fee-for-service medicine and practice in a patient-centered world. They started their practices in January of 2019, Davis practicing in Evans with Rachael, his wife, and Ed working out of Dr Rob’s office. This worked better than imagined, not only seeing fast growth of both practices, but building solid friendships between the three. With growing friendships and a good opportunity for growth, we merged the three practices together in 2022 to form Welcome Health.


Our Goals are:

  • To continue offering excellent patient-centered primary care at a low cost.

  • To spread direct primary care across the region, letting physicians and advanced care providers take advantage of our long experience and organization.

  • To give local businesses the opportunity to offer affordable healthcare to their employees, either as a stand-alone primary care package or paired with a low-cost umbrella plan.

  • To maintain a small-office feel, but use our larger size to find new ways to improve care and cut cost for patients and employers.


We are thrilled to welcome a new member of the Welcome Health team, Mittal Patel, MD. Dr. Patel is board certified in Family Medicine (trained at Augusta University for her family practice residency). She has been practicing in Augusta since 2010.

She is now accepting new patients.
Mittal Patel

New office in Waynesboro, Ga is now open!


We are excited to welcome our newest member of the Welcome Health Team, Sherwin Goering, DNP, AG-ACNP.
Dr. Goering trained at Augusta University for his Doctor of Nursing Practice with a focus in Adult Gerontology and Acute Care.

He is now accepting patients at our newest location in Waynesboro, GA.
Sherwin Goering

Welcome Health Providers

Welcome Health Providers

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"Hi, I'm Rob, and I'm a recovering doctor."
Are you a provider Interested in joining Welcome Health?

Are you a provider
Interested in joining
Welcome Health?

We are always looking for new providers to join our Direct Primary Care Practice!

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